Friday, June 29, 2012

Chris’s Tip Time: FASTPASS

Are you getting sick and tired of waiting in line for the popular Disney Attractions?
Use Disney’s FASTPASS. A free guest service that saves your place in line at some of the most popular attractions like Splash Mountain or select other attractions.
Here’s how it works. Once you enter a Disney Park, check your park map and see which attractions include FASTPASS availability. After you arrive, walk up to the FASTPASS Machine and insert your park admission ticket. Once the green bulb lights up, take your admission ticket out and the machine will print out your FASTPASS. When you receive it, check your pass and see your return time as seen in the picture below.
Please Note: Sometimes, you can get another FASTPASS Ticket before the actual return time. Look at the bottom and see the next available time to get another FASTPASS for another attraction. In this example, the time is earlier than the actual return time.

Photo by disneybychris.


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