Thursday, October 27, 2011

C.A.T. (Chris’s Attraction Trivia): The Haunted Mansion # 1

Did you know there are a couple of famous Voice Overs in The Haunted Mansion?
Paul Frees as The Ghost Host.
Paul was best known as Ludwig Von Drake and as Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle. He was the narrator of the 1959 Academy Award nominated short Donald in MathMagic Land.
He also did narrations for other attractions including Adventure Through Inner Space and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
Thurl Ravenscroft aka Tony the Tiger as One of the Singing Busts.
Thurl was the voice of the Narrator of the Mark Twain Riverboat, Fritz the Bird from Enchanted Tiki Room, and as one of the singing pirates in Pirates Of The Caribbean. 
Candy Candido as The Ghost Prisoner in the Graveyard.
Most recognizable as the voice of The Indian Chief in the 1953 Disney Film, Peter Pan and as the voice of Fidget in The Great Mouse Detective in 1986.
Eleanor Audley as Madame Leota.
Best Known as the voice of The Evil Stepmother in Cinderella and as Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.
And also,
Kat Cressida as The Black Widow Bride.
This is the new character that was added in 2007 at both Disneyland Park and Florida’s Magic Kingdom Park.
Kat was remembered  for her work on television for both Cartoon Network and NBC Sports.
Here’s the pictures of the Black Widow Bride.
Photos by disneybychris.

Now, All of you are wondering,
How did Disney Imagineers create these Ghosts for The Haunted Mansion?
All will be revealed when you check back.

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